Saturday, January 8, 2011

A return to reality...

With some sadness we have returned home after the festival of The Wedding (The Wedding and Honeymoons versions 1 and 2).

Our 2 weeks in Hawai'i were fantastic. A big thumbs up to The Peanut Gallery for her advice on where to go and what to eat. The Hawaiians are such friendly people and the food.... my tummy will never be the same again.

When we arrived the weather was a little on the dodgy side with some heavy rain (which we got caught in on the first night) but the locals assured us that it was out of the ordinary and should improve. They weren't fibbing. We still had occasional showers but the sun quickly came out again.

We did as much sight seeing as we possibly could without hiring a car (I was not really interested in trying to  learn how to drive all over again) and the two stand out experiences were The Volcano Trip to "The Big Island" and the "Hawaii Food Tour of Honolulu".

I will be putting up the posts about some of our travel and dining experiences soon so stay tuned.

For now though it is back to reality and the Never Ending Laundry! (sung to the tune of The Never Ending Story)


  1. How many more sleeps til we can go back to Hawaii again? Must have Manapua asap!

  2. I've always wanted to visit Hawaii and this post has just affirmed this! :D

  3. Why are you doing the laundry? You have a wife to do that now. ::ducks and runs::

  4. I want all the porky dishes! I would love the lava show too. Get back into reality and start dreaming of the next trip...