Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adventures in Paradise - Breakfasts

So here is my first post from our Hawaii holiday/Honeymoon.  Sorry for the delay but I've hardly had a spare moment between work and water polo recently...

I have decided to talk about the breakfasts. We had the advantage of having a kitchenette in our room which allowed us to do our own thing in the mornings. On our first day in paradise (after the 6 hour power nap) we headed out for supplies.

We headed into the nearest ABC store and picked up the essentials - milk, bread, peanut butter, honey and we also grabbed a tub of Pineapple.

On the way to the checkout I decided to get some breakfast cereal. As I was on holiday I decided to go all out and picked up a Fun Pack of mini cereals.

I do this occasionally at home when I feel the need to have Fruit Loops or Coco Pops (growing up is optional after all). The American packs are slightly larger than those back home proving that everything in the states is bigger. I was most eager to try the two flavours that we don't have at home. Both the Corn Pops and the Apple Jack impressed and were not overly sweet.

This however was never going to be the full extent of "Breakfast in America" (yes I am humming the Supertramp song). I had also planned to visit Denny's and once Mel found out that McDonald's had Biscuits on the menu we also added that to the plan as the first stop.

We had discovered a McDonald's on the corner just across the road from us (don't know how they beat the ABC stores to that one...). It was a little strange as we walked under those golden arches, everything was sort of the same but somehow alien. The menu board looked the same but a lot of the items were unknown. Mel knew exactly what she was after and ordered the McBiscuits with Sausage. It took me a little while longer to come up with a decision and I opted for the "Local Boy Special". When in Rome.... as they say.

Mel's choice proved a little disappointing by failing to live up to the remembrances of here 2006 trip to Las Vegas. My choice on the other hand proved to be surprisingly good. The "Local Boy Special" was Scrambled Eggs with Portuguese Sausage, Spam (is there anything it can't do??) and Rice (yes rice..).  This combination proved to be surprisingly yummy and I even opted to use the soy sauce that came with it in true Island style.

Later on in the week we visited Denny's for our breakfast pilgrimage, we also went for dinner but you'll need to read about that one over at "The Adventures of Miss Piggy".

Mel opted for the Breakfast Burrito for this one which she said was really nice.  It was filled with steak and came with a pile of hash brown on the side, which is just like a potato rosti really.

I renewed my acquaintance with the Lumberjack Slam. You have to love a breakfast that comes with dessert.  Mel was pretty partial to the Biscuit that came with my breakfast, plus the whipped butter that Denny's uses.

Everything you see in the three pictures above is part of my Lumberjack Breakfast!


  1. I love American breakfast cereals - especially Cinnamon Toast and Lucky Charms. You are spot on with the familiar yet different feeling other McDonald's give you overseas. They have biscuits and gravy for breakfast the Elvis themed one in Tupelo, as well as country fried steak - now that's a breakfast!

  2. I was so sad that my McBiscuit didn't live up to my memories from Las Vegas. The biscuit at Denny's though was spot on...I heart Denny's.

  3. hi! its great to see that both of you love birds are blogging :O)

    i went to enny's in NZ, christchurch, and, yeah, it wasnt that great actually, but it was a cheap feed for sure.

    and oo, the apple jacks one looks tasty!