Thursday, December 23, 2010

Myola Village, Jervis Bay

What a wonderful place to relax after the wedding.

The caravan park that we are staying in is in the sleepy village of Myola, just south of Nowra and just north of Huskisson on Jervis Bay. It is a sleepy little place, although we just can't seem to escape the gentle hum of leaf blowers....

The weather has been a little uncooperative as has the water temperature so we have only been swimming at the beach twice. We have also done a little bit of last minute Christmas shopping at Huskisson and there have also been some long walks along the beach so our shell collection is growing rapidly.

Of an evening we have been making friends with the local wildlife. The caravan park backs on to a forest so there is plenty to meet. We have been eating outside of an evening and on one occasion we were swarmed with Rainbow Lorakeets who all decided to join us for dinner.

Tonight I had a close encounter of the Kangaroo kind. I was sitting outside waiting to feed the birds when up hops a Roo who had decided to eat the bread that I had thrown on to the pathway for the birds. I was all in favour of this and proceeded to toss the rest of the bread to Mr Roo. Here I am 2 feet from a Roo without my camera....bugger. This photo was taken a little earlier...before my close encounter.

We went for a walk after dinner and there were about 12 Roos hopping around the park, including one curious little guy who thought I had something good to eat and hopped right up to me to see.

To keep up my status as a food blogger here is a picture of yesterdays breakfast.

It is the joy of a home cooked breakfast. Bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast. I used the KR Castlemaine thin and crispy bacon which is awesome. Mel's food envy was uncontrollable and some of the bacon went missing in action.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Honeymoon 1.0

So it is the day after the big event.....

The wedding day was a big success and my lovely bride looked amazing.

The High Tea at The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst was a stroke of genius for a wedding reception and all the guests agreed that it was a memorable day.

Unfortunately my Nan has been unwell and was not able to attend so we headed over to visit her in Carlingford before we set off to sunny Jervis Bay for Honeymoon 1.0. This is part one of the three part Wedding Festival, that is made up of  firstly The Wedding (inc. 2 nights in Darlinghurst), then Honeymoon 1.0 and finally Honeymoon 2.0 (10 sun soaked days in Hawaii) with Christmas thrown in between for good measure.

We arrived at the Myola Tourist park at about 6pm, which is an hour after closing time for the office, however the friendly staff have come back to let us in. Maybe they should have mentioned the office hours before the 4:58pm phone call.....

Once we settled in we head back up the road to Callala Beach to get the lay of the land and suss out the restaurant situation. There is a pizza restaurant that is closed Monday and Tuesday - bummer - and a little take away that is than fully open. We pick up a couple of burgers and a small chips and head back to the park.

Once dinner is out of the way we head off to investigate the beach. After a quick walk through the forest we come out on to a lovely stretch of white sand and deep blue water.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I have a new project

With the upcoming wedding of Mel and I this Sunday, we have been given a bookshop gift voucher from her work mates.

She chose to purchase some books for us. First was a novel to help her unwind after the wedding - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and secondly a copy of The AWW Cooking School Cookbook.

The cookbook, she informed me was so that I could fix her something yummy while she relaxed with her book.......

I have decided that I should use my new cookery guide to learn the basics of cooking.  Once the Christmas season is over and we get back from the honeymoon in Hawaii (jealous??) I will begin working my way through this tome.

Now I realise that some of you out there can already see the inevitable comparison to the movie Julia & Julia but I assure you that I will probably not be trying every recipe in the book and I definitely won't be cooking everyday.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas Party

Last Saturday I managed to get myself invited to the 2nd Annual Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas Party.

Lucky for me my better half is developing quite a little following on her food blog, and since I have been doing all her proof reading and spell checking (yes I am responsible if you spot a spelling error) she felt it only just to take me along with her.

Now I would have to admit that I'm not the most outgoing of people and a large group of people I have never met scares the willies out of me. But somehow I find the idea of a large group of people who love to cook or at least know where to buy the best tasting treats (yes I am looking at you Mel) is something that I was very eager to be a part of.

We duly trekked off to Centennial Park from our base in the wild west of Sydney, with just a few necessary stops along on the way.

Now the directions to the actual location within the park were a little vague (as neither Mel nor I actually fully read the directions given by Suze and Helen) but we knew the general area we were heading to, in the end it came down to just looking for a large group of people who were mostly all holding cameras.....

The invite had come with the instruction to bring a plate. I briefly toyed with the notion that this meant an empty plate to put goodies on but was over ruled on that point. Mel had dutifully picked up some Turkish Delight from her new favourite haunt, Rowda Ya Habibi’s in Newtown.

The Great Wall of Delight

Thanks to Angie for letting me use this picture of our sweet treat

Upon arrival we were greeted by Helen and Suze who were the organizers of this little get together and we staked out our little plot of grass and headed off to marvel at the assorted goodies that had been assembled in the middle of the group.

Now I will be the first to admit that I have a sweet tooth so the assembled bounty was right up my alley.

There was every sort of sweetness available, cupcakes, meringues and chocolatey treats. Luckily there was also some savoury dishes to help avoid the sugar coma.

The highlight of it all had to be the Macaroon Christmas Tree. It assumed the pride of place amongst all the food and had everyone talking about how great it looked. There was much anticipation waiting for the first person to try one so that we could all have a go without feeling guilty about spoiling it.

Another much coveted dish was the BBQ Ribs, they were sweet and tender. I later found out that Mel had been chatting and had missed out. I felt a little guilty the I had not grabbed two - one for each of us of course.

Once we had all had our fill of the food it was time for the Food Blogger Olympics.

Four teams of four had been chosen while we were getting our tickets for the Kris Kringle and Mel was one of those chosen. Yay Mel! She was very happy to hear that there was nothing strenuous involved as she has a wonky knee.

We all assembled around the world's largest picnic mat for the first event "The Chopsticks Race". The aim of this was to move 50 soya beans from one bowl to the other without touching the bowl. I could see the relief on Mel's face at not having to do this one (she is chopstick'ly challenged).

Event number two was the blind taste test... nothing too challenging here but there was a little bit of fun had with the competitors with comments like "Oh look it's still moving" and "is that safe to eat" coming from the audience.

The final event was a two man "Plating Up" and photography relay, firstly left over picnic fare was chosen and plated as well as possible then it was photographed and tweeted.

Now I may be somewhat biased on this one but I think that Mel's idea to grab the remnants of the Macaroon Tree and augment it with leftover cupcakes was sheer genius. Although the idea didn't pay off in the final judging it did induce a new interest in the Macaroons with everyone close enough to reach the tree grabbing one.

So with the games done it was time to move on to the Kris Kringle. We had all drawn tickets to set the order of choosing our gifts. Added to this we also had the right to steal a gift if we so chose.

This sounded pretty simple but as usually happens some times the simple things can get complicated all on their own. Needless to say there was a great deal of laughter as the highly prized items of the Ninjabread men and the Cakewich changed hands on almost every turn.

Mel picked up a nifty set of iceblock moulds and I scored a fridge shaped tin filled with coke bottle lollys, oddly no one tried to steal it from me... go figure.

With the fun over it was time to pack up the picnic rug and say our goodbyes, I had met some pretty cool people and it had been a great day and I look forward to the next gathering of the Foodies of Sydney.

On our trip home, I was a little shocked when Mel turned to me and said "I'm feeling hungry. Let's head to Auburn for some Lebanese".

Who am I to complain? So, I turned off Parramatta Rd as requested and we headed to Jasmine1. Click here for the full story.

Funny T-Shirt of the day

I have a little addiction that I must confess to you.

I love funny T-Shirts. I have found a web site that specialises in this exact field -

Anyway I was perusing their site this morning and came across this one.

40th Birthday T-Shirt

It's just so me on a T-Shirt.

BTW - I highly recommend the site they do all sorts of stuff like T-Shirts (obviously), hats hoodies, mugs etc.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hi All,

Welcome to my new blog.

Let me tell you how I come to be here.

A few months ago my other half (some may say my better half) began a food blog. She had been reading many of the ones out there and decided that she had stories to share with the world, add to this that we had recently moved to the wild west of Sydney and she was on the hunt for a new hobby and you see how "The Adventures of Miss Piggy" came in to being.

Last weekend we were talking about how I could also be blogging about my experiences as her "Crash Test Tummy", oddly enough this sounded like a nifty idea to me (once again acting on the suggestion provided) and here we are - the inaugural post on my brand new blog.

Up untill I met Mel, I had a pretty sheltered culinary life and she seems to have taken it upon herself to broaden my horizons. I must truly thank her for introducing me to the joys of Yum Cha and Lebanese Pizza.

I look forward to sharing my(our) adventures with you, so stay tuned