Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hi All,

Welcome to my new blog.

Let me tell you how I come to be here.

A few months ago my other half (some may say my better half) began a food blog. She had been reading many of the ones out there and decided that she had stories to share with the world, add to this that we had recently moved to the wild west of Sydney and she was on the hunt for a new hobby and you see how "The Adventures of Miss Piggy" came in to being.

Last weekend we were talking about how I could also be blogging about my experiences as her "Crash Test Tummy", oddly enough this sounded like a nifty idea to me (once again acting on the suggestion provided) and here we are - the inaugural post on my brand new blog.

Up untill I met Mel, I had a pretty sheltered culinary life and she seems to have taken it upon herself to broaden my horizons. I must truly thank her for introducing me to the joys of Yum Cha and Lebanese Pizza.

I look forward to sharing my(our) adventures with you, so stay tuned


  1. Whoop whoop! OMG...am so excited that you've started your own blog! Well done Crash Test Tummy!

  2. Thanks Mel, another great idea you had for me... he he he

  3. Great! good on you for starting your own! Look forward to reading your posts.

  4. I guess you opted out of following through with the whole Kermie thing? Would have loved to see an "It Isn't Easy Being Green" blog :)

    Welcome to blogging :)

  5. Thanks vintagemacaroon, Wow the banana and sour cream cake on your latest pos looks awesome, might file that one away to try.

    Thanks Simon, There was much discussion about the Kermie tag before I managed to avoid it but you are right it would have been a great title.