Thursday, April 21, 2011

The weekend of almosts and nearlys......

A little while back both Mel an I took a day off on Friday to head out to the country for a looong weekend (yes I am getting slack in posting).

We have a friend, "The Cattle Baroness", who owns a property just outside of Gulgong and is more than happy to accommodate us in return for some help around the farm.

This was also a special weekend as my lovely bride was turning thirty something on the Saturday and a lavish feast had been planned - Country Fare, and lots of it.

We left home at about 9:30 and at this point we hit the first "almost" scenaio of the trip.

I had decided to use my GPS and see which way it took us. This would have been fine except that it decided that The Bells Line of Road was faster than the M4 and thus meant that morning tea in Leura didn't happen (or it "almost" happened). Mel = Not So Happy.

We changed our plans and decided to stop in Gulgong for lunch where we would also pick up yummy BBQ treats - Vegemite and Cheese Sausages!  Yes that's right your read correctly Vegemite and Cheese Sausages.

We have had these yummy treats on previous trips to the farm and were looking forward to again chowing down and were planning on bringing some home. However here we hit another "almost".

As I parked the car Mel headed in to the Gulgong Butcher to place our order. As I stepped out of the car I can hear a strange wailing sound coming from the butcher shop.... As I walk in I find out that the sound was actually Mel. THERE ARE NO VEGEMITE AND CHEESE SAUSAGES!!!! Mel tried the "We drove from Sydney to get them" followed by "Its my birthday. Are you sure you don't have any?" but still no luck.

So now we need to decide what type of sausages to get for the BBQ.  A decision best made over lunch.

A short walk across the street is the appropriately names Butcher Shop Cafe - no relation to the actual butcher shop. It's a lovely little place that we have eaten at before. We take our seats at the big communal table and place our order having chosen from the wall size chalk board.

I opted for the Butcher Burger ($10.00) and a Caramel Milkshake ($3.50). The burger was great, big and tasty with lots of cheese and bacon served between two thick slices to toasted bread.  The milkshake was fantastic. You just can't beat a country milkshake.

Once we had consoled ourselves with such yummy treats we headed back to the butcher shop to pick from the lesser flavours of sausage, Lamb with Garlic and Oregano... Meh!

And so its off to the farm we go.

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